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Strategy is the fuel to achieving business results. Build a rock solid plan to achieve your marketing goals. When you start to build your strategy plan, Don’t forget you are not alone in the market. And don’t forget twice that your customers are a lot smarter than you may think. They respect companies that they believe respect them in return.

What is Brand Strategy?

If your brand not quite meshing who you are and what you do,
That means it’s time to think for a new brand strategy.
Brand strategy is a comprehensive plan encompassing specific, long-term goals that contribute to the success of your company branding. It works with the component parts of your brand that make it identifiable and brings them together to form a story about who you are.
Brand Strategy will determine how you are different, likable, and trustworthy by your customer.
This is the first step you need to take when creating a brand from the begining .
You can think of brand strategy as the blueprint for how you want the world to see your business.
Why is brand strategy important?

Sailing into your new Blue Ocean

In the current business environment, crowded with competition, it is more and more difficult to stand out.As technology allows consumers to easily compare all of their options, ِand more and more companies are competing for smaller and smaller profit margins
Therefore, developing an elaborate strategy that will help you to make your brand achieve successes and profits away from the area of fierce competition.

Build Brand Relevance

These days, Gaining the attention of consumer is not easy. You can’t just pay for an ads to get consumer attention anymore, you have to earn it.
To earn it, You have to build a brand strategy that makes you inspired and lovable. Consumers don’t fall in love with names, They fall in love with the entire brand experience.
Brand strategy help you to create brand relevance.

Focus Helps Define your Customer Base

By narrowing the scope of your marketing efforts, you have the basis for crafting your brand strategy, you can ensure a more effective execution of marketing campaigns as well. You know who you’re targeting and you know how to speak to them.Instead of wasting thousands of dollars wıth testing different campaigns, you’ll reach your goal faster and maximize the return on investment of your marketing efforts.

Make teams more productive, creative and harmonious

Organisations are like rowing teams. If anyone on the team tries to row in a different direction, it’s pretty hard to beat the competition. A major part of the brand strategy process is aligning the different people on your team, and getting them to work into the vision and values of your brand.
Engaged employees get more done and bring in more profit to your company.

Effects of Brand Loyalty on Customer Retention

Brand loyalty is when people strongly favor a particular brand over all the others. They don’t need to be convinced because an emotional connection that turns customers into dedicated fans. This kind of emotional connection doesn’t happen by chance or even occur because your service or product is superior. Companies create brand loyalty through a deep understanding of their customers’ priorities and buying behavior, and by aligning what they stand for with what their customers care about.

Increases the valuation of your business

Whether you’re planning to increase your buyers, or looking to raise capital from investors, having a clear brand strategy shows potential buyers and investors that you’ve thought carefully about how to grow the most valuable asset of your business.
because strategic decisions you make today can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s value in the future.


Our Professional Brand Strategy

Onlin Research & Insights

Brand strategy bridges the divide between business strategy and customer experience. Based on research, our strategy services assists with the creation, development, management and strengthening of brands. Using a variety of methods, researchers can uncover a range of insights.

Our WOONAS’s professional team uses the best analysis tools can be carried out to understand the current situation and develop a launch strategy. Brand research can also be conducted after launch to assist in the development of brand assets.
For more established businesses, we can help them to use brand research periodically, or continually, to track consumers awarenes, perceptions, and experience.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis (or competitive research) is a strategic research that specializes in the collection and review of information about rival firms. It’s an essential tactic for finding out what your competitors are doing and what kind of threat they present to your company’s success.

Whatever it is you do, it is almost certain that there are other companies out there offering a similar product or service to yours.
However, you may think that your company offers the best products and services. But do your customers agree? Research shows that there is a huge perception gap between how companies think they are performing and their actual performance.

At WOONAS, our Competitive Analysis Services will help you Identify your top competitors, Analyze and compare competitor content, Analyze their SEO, Look at their social media engagement , Identify areas for improvement, identify the blind spots in your Brand Strategy, and, most importantly, enable you to find out your current standing in the market so you can plan for the future.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”. In other words, brand positioning describes how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in customers’ minds.
A brand positioning strategy therefore involves creating brand associations in customers’ minds to make them perceive the brand in a specific way.

By shaping consumer preferences, brand positioning strategies are directly linked to consumer loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Effective, authentic brand positioning is your business’ lifeblood. It uncovers your purpose and promise, key differentiators, proof points and much more. If you don’t seize the reins and position your business in your customers’ minds, they’ll do it for you. In fact, you might say that your positioning is what people say about you when you’re not in the room — so it’s important to get to the root of exactly who your brand is, and how you want to be perceived.

At WOONAS, our Brand positioning Services will help you create Mission, Vision, and Values Statements , Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Statement Development, Target Customer Profile Development (Target Personas), Brand Personality ,Brand Promise, Brand Messaging and Social Media Profile Development.

Brand Strategy & Naming

Conducting up front, deliberate research to make creative decisions is an essential factor to the success of any design project. Once we have a clear understand and grasp on who your company aspires to be, we apply our intentional research process to craft a strong brand strategy. we can also help developing the ideal name. Our process produces a memorable brand name that becomes your unique signature but allows for growth and expansion in the market.
But designing, developing, and launching a memorable brand with a compelling name is just the first step.

Ensuring your brand meets or exceeds business goals and gets into the hands of target customers once you hit the market, is the business we’re in.
Our WOONAS’S experts build sound marketing strategies for print, social media, advertisements, and public relations that take your organization from where it is to where it’s going. From local favorites to beloved legacy brands, we develop brands that look good, work well, and drive sales.

At WOONAS, our Brand Naming Services provide expert guidance and direction every step of the way to ensure success.
WOONAS’s experts help competitive Name Analysis, Determination of Roles and Key Stakeholders, Development of Brand Criteria, Naming Ideation and Research, Customized Naming Suite for Presentation, Evaluation and Further Ideation, Contextual Visual Support, Consensus Management of the Naming Process And if you did not start your trade online, we can help you get the best options for creating your own domain name.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the art of using the right words to communicate the essence of your brand to potential customers.
In a perfect world, you could sit with all potential customers over coffee and explain why they should do business with you. But in reality your customers only have a split-second with your ad or website to make a gut decision about whether you’re worth their money.

Your products and services might speak for themselves, but clear, strong messaging is a surefire way to get them into the minds of your customers.

However, Brand messaging is all about how people perceive you, not only your customers, but also your own team. Branding starts from within. Company culture, values and mission statements set the foundation for how your potential customers experience your brand and your place in the market.

Great messages take your competitive positioning and brand strategy to the next level. They hone in on what’s important to your market and communicate it consistently and effectively. How you respond when asked about your brand or service or product and the tone of your messaging has a tremendous impact on how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

At WOONAS, our Brand Messages Service help to Analyze your current brand to evaluate strength and weakness points, Determine your unique selling position, Search for unexploited opportunities for differentiation in your industry, Create a plan for working your new branding strategy into your existing marketing materials and Design a long-term messaging strategy for your brand.

Why Is Website Design Important For Your Business

Your business website design shouldn’t stop with simply installing a default theme and customizing the given options. All of the elements should align with your brand. After all, it is the face of your business. But most importantly, this is the first thing that your potential customers will see once they search for you online.

38% of users

state that they will stop visiting a website if the design is outdated and unattractive.

90% of mobile users

state they would continue to shop at a particular website if the user experience is good.

94% of the total

first impressions on a website are related to design.

62% of businesses

that invested in a responsive web design saw a boost in their sales.

Poor user experience

has caused 70% of consumers to abandon their shopping carts.

40% of people

will not engage with a non-mobile friendly website.

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