WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO
Jami Dali
Mar 9, 2021

WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO

WordPress is a popular content management system. Nowadays, users from all over the world build WordPress sites, from small business owners, who want to expand their businesses online to authorities in different niches.

SEO is a big part of the strategy of many online businesses. Some startups rely entirely on organic traffic from the search engines.

The most successful SEO experts use and recommend WordPress

One of the reasons why WordPress is so ahead of the competition is because it works so well for SEO. But what makes WordPress so unique? Well, here are some answers:

  • WordPress Allows You to Create Attractive Permalinks

On WordPress, it’s super easy to edit your website’s permalink.

The beauty of being able to edit your article’s permalink is you can plug your keyword into the URL.

This means your permalink doesn’t only look pretty and informative, it can help with your search ranking as well.

The permalinks can affect your ranking in two ways:

-Keywords in the link are an important ranking factor.

-Pretty permalinks can increase the CTR of your posts on the search engines.

CTR is the click-through rate for a link which is also a Google ranking factor. When you get fewer clicks than expected, Google will drop you into lower positions while improving the position of sites with a high CTR.

  • The meta description is the major ranking factor across the search engines. Shortly, it’s a brief summary of your blog post or a web page to both – the search engine bots and web audience. You can see it under the page link within a Google search result page. It can improve your position significantly so you need to add it to almost every post and page of your website.

The default WordPress settings allow you to optimize your meta description. What you have to do is to install one of many free SEO plugins and then add them. It takes only a couple of minutes, but you can reuse them all over again. In case you aren’t adding the metadata manually, a plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO will automatically create SEO-friendly meta descriptions for your WordPress site.

  • Besides the text quality, your articles should also include images that go along with your content. They should be quality and relevant to the article. Images break up the flow of the text and improve the readability, making your content look more appealing and consistent. However, search engines don’t just look for images as we see them. What they look for, are images with alt text.

With WordPress image optimization, it’s simply a matter of filling in the right fields. Once you upload them to CMS, it’s easy to add titles and alt text to your images. Simply enter the image edit options and fill in the “Alternative Text” box.

  • The number of the users, who use search engines from their smartphones and tablets, has increased over the last few years. Entrepreneurs must adapt to this new trend.

If you use WordPress, you have nothing to worry about. Most themes are already optimized for mobile phones. Additionally, when you customize your website, you can check how it looks on all the different devices. While we take for granted that any theme should be responsive, you still can see websites owners who are trying to figure out how to do it.

  • Site speed is not a ranking factor but if the loading time of a site is high, your users will get frustrated and it will be bad news for your bounce rate. Also, if your site is very slow, it may get banned from Google.

For those who already use WordPress, site speed should not be a problem. There are many fast loading themes to meet every need. You also can find plugins that were actually created to improve site speed.

The only reason to have a slow site when using WordPress is that you are not using it properly. You can check your site load time on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.


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